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Mechanical Liner Running Tool (MLRT)

MLRT – carrying mechanism for all mechanical liner systems. Simple right hand release mechanism. This tool also allows right hand rotation of a liner should it be required when running to planned TD.

Features, advantages and benefits:

  • Liner hanger applications where the liner “could” be rotated should it be required.
  • Prevent risk of premature release due to the “neutral” release point on the mandrel.
  • High-tensile and torque ratings.
  • High temperature seal allows the liner top to be annulus tested before the running tool has been retrieved, updated running tool shall have the seal spaced out to prevent the seal being removed when setting weight on the packer.
  • Can be adapted to carry inner strings should “blank liner” displacements be required.


The MLRT can be run with Drop Off Liner Systems, Sand Control Systems, Slotted Liner Systems, Screen completions, Sand Barriers and weight set Packers.


The MLRT has 4 basic functions, high torque ability via the “Torque sub” when in it’s profile in the setting sleeve, a drive sub to allow liner rotation should it be called for, a mechanical setting dog assembly which transmits weight to the packer or steel seal if used on a sand control application and high temperature seal (up to 320c) to allow testing to be performed on the “set” packer before retrieving the running tool. Release prior to setting the packer is performed via right hand rotation in a neutral position.