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Mechanical-set Permanent Liner Packer (MPLP)

MPLP - is a compression set Liner Top Packer which is designed specifically for steam applications. It is rated to 600˚F and 3000 psi.

It consists of a Liner top TBR, Thermal Packing Element and Heavy Duty Bi-Directional Slips. The packer is set by mechanical force via the running tool setting dogs when weight is applied to the PBR.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • The Packer is mechanically compression-set after releasing the Mechanical Liner Running Tool and applying weight to the top of the PBR.
  • Mandrel Lock Ring maintain packing element set.
  • Variety of optional elastomers for packer element and seal assembly optimizes chemical resistance with completion and production fluids.
  • Available with a full range of packing elements.
  • Full bore design ensures unrestricted access to the liner.
  • Bodies are manufactured from mechanical tubing to equivalent grade as the liner. 80,000 psi and 110,000 psi yield strengths are standard.
  • Other yield strengths and materials available on request.

MPLP - Mechanical-set Permanent Liner Packer