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Slip Over Seal Assembly (SOSA)

SOSA Primarily designed as a “re-connect” system where a tubing can be cut and retrieved, new tubing whether its standard or insulated, can then be run and connected to the previously cut tubing.

Ideally suited for high temperature environments where insulated tubing replaces standard pipe.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • Can be manufactured in most sizes.
  • Has internal slips and packing element suited to low, medium or high temperature applications.
  • Can be run in all well angles.
  • Can be tested via annulus and internally where required.
  • Can be unset with a straight vertical pull if future intervention work, like perforating upper formations is required.
  • Integral TBR allows a tie back seal stem to be run and tested when new tubing locates and “re-connects” the production or injection string.

SOSA - Slip Over Seal Assembly

The SOSA can be used primarily as a tubing re-connect system. The upper PBR will accommodate a seal stem for tie back purposes