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Tie Back Seal Assembly (TBSA )

TBSA is the working seal between formation pressure and the production tubing. 

The TBSA is used in single- or multiple-zone installations to provide a surface indication that the seal assembly is correctly positioned in the polished bore Production tubes, tailpipe and other accessories can be added below

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

  • Several alternatives are available as bottom connectors.
  • Can be fitted with Spacer Tubes to properly position the seals within the seal bore.
  • The Tie Back Seal Assembly is stung into the Seal Bore of the Packer and spaced out as per the operation requirements.
  • The tubing is pressured up and tested to check that the Tie Back Seal Assembly is holding.
  • It is rated to 600 deg F and 3000 psi.
  • The bottom connection will allow 3-1/2” tubing to be run inside the 7” Liner.
  • Any number of seal units can be added for increased length.

TBSA - Tie Back Seal Assembly

TBSA can be configured for all sizes, run at the end of the tubing and stabbed into the exisitng liner top or lower packer's PBR. The PBR length will be determined based on the amount of themal movement calculated.

TBSA - Tie Back Seal Assembly

Tubing above the TBSA can be crossed over to larger size if required.